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About the Alabama Asian Cultures Foundation

Who We Are:

The Alabama Asian Cultures Foundation (AACF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2005 to nurture and support artistic and cultural organizations within the Asian communities in the metro Birmingham area, and in the state of Alabama. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to enable Americans of all cultures in Alabama, Asian and non-Asian, to enjoy and celebrate Asian arts and cultures. We accomplish this mission by hosting programs and events where attendees can enjoy Asian arts and cultures

Our motto, "Unity in Diversity", means we bring diverse groups together through education and cultural programs. In this way, diversity international understanding and friendship are fostered. While we currently host programs at venues such as the Bessemer Civic Center, ultimately we want to host events and programs at our own venue, an Asian Cultural Complex, which will include a classical Chinese garden, an Asian Cultural Education Center, and an international peace and friendship plaza.


The beautiful garden above is the Master of the Net Garden in the ancient city of Suzhou, China, home to many original gardens still standing today. Suzhou-based architectural firms have collaborated with American colleagues to build all the North American Chinese gardens thus far, and ours will be built similarly, thus continuing the tradition, and joining the exclusive membership. Our garden, however, will be the only one in North America that has an adjoining Asian Cultural Center that will enable us to host large gatherings, classes in the Asian arts and cultures, and host visiting artists from the various Asian countries. 

Learn more about us and how you can participate in our activities:

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